"Archive" by Ben Hartley-Marjoram

#TechartWednesday featuring Vancouver-based artist and motion graphic designer, Ben Hartley-Marjoram (@deathbykeyframe). This short animation is an excerpt from the official music video he created for a track titled "Archive" in Black Square's (@blacksquare) debut album Silent City.

Time is such a peculiar concept, especially in the modern era when people seem to live in a constant feeling of lacking it. Time is one of the rarest resources today. But there used to be a time when time was worth nothing, that is, before the digital age, and before the age of mechanical reproduction. Painters used to sit days, months, or even years in front of a canvas in order to achieve the perfect mimic of a pearl necklace. As craftsmen of the digital age, not just the consumers, we are forced to retrieve a sense of time that is not far away from that of the painter in front of a canvas. An animation that takes seconds to consume takes days and weeks to produce. A film that takes an hour or two to consume takes months or even years to make.

For all the fellow digital craftsmen out there, this is a little piece of visual meditation I create for myself when I get frustrated about my unprogressing art projects. If time were to have a form, this is how I'd like to picture it in my head: time is a chamber made of glass that frames a flower (you are free to imagine your flower however you like). Water drips from the top of the chamber to the flower, drop by drop. The water gives itself to the flower in order for it to bloom and age. Here the flower fulfills its life cycle. Beams of sunshine pierce through the glass. Now I look through the glass at the flower. There is an aura of iridescent shades around the drops of water that flow into it. That's where time lives.

Check out Ben's other work on his website: www.oddboxmedia.com

The full music video can be watched here: