Children of Huaqiangbei (working title)

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2020 (in production)
Work as: director
Production Company: Film Five GmbH
Awards/Sponsors: “Grenzgänger” Bosch Stiftung

Synopsis: This documentary offers rare insight into a community of Chaoshan merchants in Shenzhen who used to be infamous for producing fake smartphones, and is now the backbone of China’s new collaborative electronics ecosystem. The first wave of merchants started out as peasant migrants to the city in the 1980s and the 1990s. Since then, they participated in the era of “Shanzhai” mobile phones, reacted to the government’s crackdown on pirated products, and most recently, acted as the driving force behind Shenzhen’s reinvention of itself into the “Silicon Valley of Hardware.” The story of Shenzhen’s transformation into a world-class tech hub is both part of China’s greater reform story, and more. The Maker’s Movement that started in Shenzhen in 2014 recognized that Shenzhen in fact owed a great deal of its success to its “Shanzhai” era, which opened up within the city a space for mass innovation, as well as for open science and technology. Hence, essentially, Shenzhen’s tale is one of immigration, of collectively building a city from poverty, and within it a story of innovation being born out of continual experimentation.

Berlin Transgression 柏林邊界

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2018
Length: 61 min
Work as: director, co-producer
Production Company: art-on-the-run creative production GmbH

Synopsis: Berlin Transgression is a collection of untold stories of lovelorn queens of Berlin fighting to tear down a new, invisible wall which is the basis of our isolation. The film documents how the transvestite, transgender and transsexual artists struggle between two genders, two identities, two lives. It sheds light on the life of the artists who perform mainly at gay bars and fetish clubs. We followed our main characters not only to back-stage but also to their homes where they opened up their hearts about their deepest dreams and desires.